Portals for you to Remember

Welcome to a space dedicated to Higher Humanity here, a space where re-connection happens from within, as you listen to YOUR inner guidance from your Universe-you, which is an ever changing multi-verse of existences as one here in the physical.

By way of re-connecting to the Crystalline Grid from deep inside of you, this is a way of re-learning everything you once “thought” was “real” and leave everything of the old mind-sets, mentalities and fixed beliefs behind to re-discover a new you, a multitude of new versions of you that are already “there”, floating in your field, “waiting” for the “right” timing to come forth in order to bring through, anchor and stabilize new frequencies of Higher Earth Humanity here as part of our new Galactic Crystal Cities here.

Shift your perceptions and mentalities and open up to the multitude of frequencies present here to activate your inner light within.

  • light language
  • original template light codes
  • andara/crystal activations
  • Gaia Consciousness
  • the Dragon Realms and consciousness
  • the Fairy Realms and consciousness
  • the Angelic Realms and consciousness
  • Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon
  • rainbow frequencies and consciousness
  • … and more

Welcome to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge…

the space where magic and rainbows, beauty, purity, ancient wisdom and inspiration abound

and are available to all souls and Star Beings

re-connecting as Pure Source Light from deep within.