Portals for you to Remember

Space portal activating frequencies inside of you.

You higher self will guide your way, just like my higher self guided my way to create this space to assist every soul who stumbles here.

Shift your perceptions and mentalities and open up to the multitude of frequencies present here.

  • light language
  • original template light codes
  • andara/crystal activations
  • Gaia Consciousness
  • higher consciousness energy translated into Romanian
  • the Dragon Realms and consciousness
  • the Fairy Realms and consciousness
  • the Angelic Realms and consciousness
  • Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon
  • rainbow frequencies and consciousness
  • Celestial channelings
  • … and more

Welcome to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge…

where magic and rainbows, beauty, purity, playfulness and inspiration abound

and are available to all souls

co-creating with Gaia.