About Lola Young

In this moment now, there is no identity attached to this space in which Lola exists, but if we were to call forth a few activation words that would assist others to connect, we would say…

An ascension guide from the dragon realms and gate keeper of the codes for the Rainbow Bridge through which all souls pass on their journey out of a human-aligned experience into one that is higher aligned by their own master-self-them that shines in all the colors of the rainbow and beyond.

Dedicated to her own journey in service to humanity, Lola serves and functions in the capacity of guide, anchor, light pillar and grid point of Gaia, leading and showing the way in alignment with the infinite facets of Diamond Light Rainbow Consciousness so that through her sharing of her experiences others can find their way out of the veils of amnesia.

And when we drop all the titles and identities… Lola simply is… a soul just like you who is constantly remembering more and more of her colors, dedicated to living a life inspired by color, beauty, purity, inner knowledge and inner strength and speaking it so that the rest of our soul family can remember home.