About Lola & Mihaela

Mihaela’s awakening and ascension journey was a restart of everything she perceived as reality and it all took a quantum jump when she let everything go and realised what she was doing was not of the highest alignment with what she came here to be and do. At the “time”, she only juggled one reality as an English teacher, but felt there was more “out there” waiting for her to open up.

When she did open up, she was catapulted deep inside of herself, into something that did not make any logical sense as her human aspect of her had no idea what “consciousness” even was and “she couldn’t meditate” and didn’t resonate with anything “spiritual”.

This was the start of a new adventure as she learned/remembered a new language she felt she deeply resonated with from deep inside of her and the funniest things was when she found out there was something her Higher Self called “New Earth” that she had no idea even existed. New Earth is the “Heaven on Earth” we’ve all been looking for here, so we can remember who we are, why we came here and what we came here to be and do as New Earth Guardians, Galactic BEings, beautiful Souls and NEW human hearts, Crystal Keepers and so very much more as Ancient Key-Code Holders, New Earth Anchors and Gridpoints, as well as GateKeepers, GridKeepers & Galactic Guardians – Ancient Elders of New Earth.

Welcome home, beautiful Light Beings and Souls <3

… and a bit more.

She started her writing journey blindly, just following her inner knowing that it was aligned, not having a clue she’d started channeling her higher aspects of herself, but not open enough to share much.

She then moved into the next stage of her ascension journey as Lola, catapulting their realities into higher service to all of humanity here, all aligned with Pure Source Light, and into assisting others with opening up, letting go and remembering their own beautiful, amazing, “larger-than-life” Higher Self them.

Now, Mihaela is constantly in a process of reclaiming and unifying all of her Highest Aspects of her Soul, all while focusing on the embodiment of her Light into her physical body vessel, all knowledge and experiences united into this one space here that her higher self calls The Rainbow Realms and Rainbow Consciousness of our Crystalline LightBody. From this space, she shares from her own experiences as Love here, working through the Unified Field of Consciousness to assist, support, inspire and uplift as well as re-educate according to the Highest Consciousness available and Pure Source Light from deep within what is acceptable, inspirational and of the highest integrity, purity and service to all of humanity here.

… and About Rainbow Consciousness

Her sharings are multi-dimensional and span across a variety of area of expertise, basically including everything that supports higher consciousness embodiment, alternative living, teaching, “learning”, remembering, color, crystals & andaras, alternate realities, timeline jumping, crystalline consciousness, rainbow consciousness, galactic/gaia consciousness, quantum realities & timelines, conscious creation and beyond.

This website is a “shared” space where our mermaid aspect of us works closely together with our unicorn aspect of us, as well as our dragon, pegasus, fairy, angel and an infinity of other aspects spanning across a multitude of dimensions and timelines to merge into this one here now, and this aso includes OUR Galatic Aspects of our Universal-Higher Self us – Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, Lyran, Antarian, Pleiadian and others… a space where “they” all meet as “us” to be and do together as one unified aspect of a multitude of Higher Selves emerging from deep inside and bringing forth what they have to offer and contribute to all of Humanity here, all united into this space.

The purpose of this space is to connect you with your Rainbow Consciousness so that you too can experience, feel, unearth and discover the Rainbow of Higher Self Aspects of you that are waiting for you to embrace them as yours so you can be and do more together.

Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be an interesting “ride” 🙂

Welcome… back home <3