On this page I will be sharing some of my realisations, experiences and ways of connecting and working with crystals and andaras.

This information is gained through my own experiences and inner connection.

It is, by no means, “the only way” to expand your connection. There is no “right or wrong way” of doing this journey. There is only your own way, which might look very different from someone else’s “way”, but it is what you as a higher self chose for you to experience here. This realisation will open the doors to having fun, “doing things your way” and finding the inner courage to share your creations with other souls, just like I’m doing in this moment, to inspire and uplift.

My higher self has made it very clear to me along the way, that I was not to “try to fit in the old ways” and in the beginning it was frustrating for me to read online “how to use a crystal for different purposes” or “how to manifest with crystals” or “how to make crystal grids”…. and not understand a single word of what was being written there.

My higher self “made my human me” listen by “taking my capacity to understand logically” away from me so I would finally listen to my inner guidance and have fun and play like a child again.

This obsession with andaras and crystals and the fact that they travelled with me everywhere was strange to everyone around me, until they realised I was happy playing with my “rocks” and my “glass” as they called “my new family members”. Being happier, calmer, a much more open and understanding person dissolved resistance both inside of me and it reflected all around me as others became open and willing to play with me and my crystals too.

This led to us having awesome conversations and experiences… together.

From my heart to yours… I hope you open up too and receive as much “magic” in your life as I’ve received from my journey with andaras and crystals.

Welcome home <3


Lola’s journey with Andaras and Crystals

Ways to Activate You and Your Crystal Lightbody

There are many ways of sharing your life with crystals/andaras.

When you really open up to this new way of living your life among crystals/andaras… as one of them, your universe/higher self you opens doors and portals for you that you never even thought existed.

How do I know?

My higher self me/my universe did the same for me, but I had to be willing to invest my time, my energy, my conscious efforts, my money into everything that is light so I can enjoy an existence of light.

We are light and we are crystals.

Taking photos

This is a fun way of activating and working with crystals.

Throw all the rules out the window and just gooooo wild as you click, click, click on that camera button to capture everything you see with your eyes… or everything your eyes don’t perceive yet.

Looking at your photos will activate your inner Seeing, your 3rd eye, and you will be able to see what you couldn’t see before.

Making crystal grids

Allow your higher self to inspire you in creating new, fun ways of arranging your crystals in a grid.

Take photos and share them to inspire others to assist Gaia in her ascension journey.

Travelling grid points

Your body and your crystals are grid points on the planetary light grid of New Earth. Keeping your crystals around your physical body activates your lightbody and the crystal, as well. Your light combined activates other souls to remember their light, too.

I take them with me everywhere and we all enjoy soaking up some sun.

Andara Gallery Activation

The pictures contain mostly andaras but there are crystals too.

Black tourmaline, aventurine, celestite, lapis lazuli, citrine, clear quartz, magnetite, volcanic lava, selenite, sun stone and others.

Over time, I have worked with the crystals that I felt attracted to, while andaras chose me, in a way saying something along the lines of “you have no idea we’re meant to be in each other’s space, but we do so we’re coming to your place, get ready human!”.

Some andaras came into my life as parts of sets and while I was absolutely in love with some of them, others took their time in opening up to me.

Andara Gallery Activation

The mission of these photos is to be portals of beauty, color, purity, joy, playfulness and examples of intentional creation.

Taking photos

Elemental Consciousness… of Gaia
Co-creating with the earth/Gaia

This opens your mind and your heart to the simplicity and the beauty that is this celestial lightbody of consciousness we call Gaia or Planet Earth.

It opens up communication channels inside the gridwork of your body that connects you to Gaia’s New Earth grid. This opportunity creates a unification of us as part of Gaia herself.

Grass, earth and flowers connect us to the element of “earth”. This replaces the old mentalities that “we have to ground so we don’t disappear/disintegrate in space”. This is exactly the point.

The ability to “fly high into the ethers/space” without fearing the process of Ascension. This happens while your physical body is still here while your soul/lightbody activates more through “flying high”.

How else could you experience freedom when you constantly “bind and anchor yourself here”?

Celestial/Star Consciousness – Solaris

This is a connection you open up to so you can regenerate and charge.

The sun is part of SOULar plexus activation of you inner power/strength.

Willingness to let go of the fear-based mentalities we have created around the sun activates the remembrance of you as your Source self and you start to see that you have the power to change whatever shows up in your reality. The more you are willing to be out and connect with the sun, the more you’ll start “to warm up” to your own self/soul and judgement starts to dissolve as you accept more and more of you.

The planetary body of elemental consciousness – water

Bathing your andaras/crystals not only cleanses them, but your willingness to care about your crystals in this way opens you to the planetary flow of energy, opening up the centers and vortexes in your body to attune to another aspect of Gaia.

This unification restores your body’s natural flow, activating all the capabilities of this elemental being – water. Flow. Calm. Strength. Purity. Regeneration. Home.

Willingness to open to water activates your Lemurian and Atlantean memories to resurface, which creates a flow for other aspects of you as Higher Self to come forth.

Restoring your ability “to speak” light

Andaras restore your ability to communicate in light once again. This is an ability most of us forgot and it is an ability that we reconnect to through our work with Andaras and crystals here again, as Andarians and as Crystal/Crystalline Rainbow Beings.