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8 06, 2019

The Fall from Grace – Galactic Rememberings

2019-06-08T12:03:42+00:008 June, 2019|

The pain of not remembering who we are and what we came here for, the pain of walking around blind, deaf, powerless and a constant victim to everything is what’s slowly killing you. That pain is slowly closing off our body’s systems and organs. That pain runs so deep it sabotages and undermines the body’s natural regeneration systems, inflicting the same powerlessness to them, too. That pain, our separation from knowing who we are and why we came here, is imprinted in every cell of your body. The pain we felt when we fell from grace, when we fell from [...]

23 05, 2019

The anatomy of color

2019-05-23T13:01:50+00:0023 May, 2019|

The anatomy of color The anatomy of color is not what we, as humans, believe, when we connect to the vibration and message of the frequency of "anatomy" and then "color". We think of body parts and we are somehow disappointed and shocked and surprised to discover nothing that makes sense to our human mind, yet everything that makes sense to us on a soul level, resonating as true from deep inside. Yet, from a higher realm view and from the perspective of higher mind and higher heart consciousness, color is the universal language of the human code and genome [...]