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Welcome to Liquid Lemurian Auroras…

What are Liquid Lemurian Auroras?

As my human aspect, I asked my higher self the same thing, yet inside I knew they were Star Maps… of the Star Being inside of us.

Multi-dimensional platforms, docking stations and anchor points for Our Galactic New Earth here, they speak directly to our Soul and Star DNA inside of us, activating remembering sequences of the light codes “floating”/inactive in our energy field, waiting for our agreed moment “in time” to find and remember them again. We are actually remembering our own soul’s light encoded work that we agreed to come here to be and do, the Star Map you’re looking at and absorbing the codes from being just an activation point that you programmed for your own soul’s journey here as a Light Being to remember and embody the Light of your Soul and all of your Galactic aspects of you.

These are larger works, done on A3 paper, hand-drawn using a variety of tools and a multitude of colors to create different textures and effects for the different codes that have come forth.

United under the key-code “Liquid Lemurian Auroras”, these Star Maps have each called themselves using certain codes, for they serve different purposes and convey different activations that speak non-linearly to certain parts of your ascension & descension journey here so you can remember fully why you came here and what you came here to be and do so you can shine in all of your colors and fulfill the multitude of roles and missions you agreed to and the many purposes they serve.

Certain maps will speak to you the moment you see them, some will call you to look for them, some will wake up dormant cellular imprints for you to look at, feel and deal with so you can clear old human programming and shift to a much higher dimension, while other maps may not resonate at all. And that’s okay…

Any kind of reaction you experience from deep inside of you is an activation of a new aspect of you to emerge from deep inside of you.

Absorb, enjoy and do share your experiences with us, we’re really happy to connect and hear from you… from your heart <3

Happy Galactivations and welcome to OUR New Earth here <3


Mihaela ~ Lola

Allowing Creation to Unfold and Flow

Conscious Creation is our Divine Child.

That being said, we are birthing creation from deep inside of us in every moment and the process is one that requires our openess, our loving care, our attention, our willingness to open up to something that’s “never” been done before, as well as shifting our perceptions about what we’re bringing forth or how it is “supposed to look like” and how it is going to be received by “the world”… because first… we have to deal with our own process of allowing our creation to unfold, however it needs to be that we agreed to birth here in the physical, and this will challenge all our beliefs about everything, including how we receive our “baby” once we feel the birthing process is done and then… how we nurture it, allow it to grow organically and when we share our creation with others, our Soul-Star-Light family here.

This is a process that takes years, moments, months, minutes… however long we need this process of acclimating to our new higher-dimensional creation to be.

And then… allowing our creation to “leave our nest” and go out into the world and activate other souls here with its beauty, perfection and gifts.

Depending on where we are in our own Awakening and Remembering journey here in the physical on Planet Earth… we go through different stages of allowing our deepest layers of our Soul Selves to emerge from the depths of our Soul and be seen. We go through layers and layers of clearing judgement and clearing all sorts of old human-programmed beliefs, depending on what we’ve chosen to experience as our Soul’s chosen journey here. And judgement is just fear… when we stop believing our fear-based programming, we let go, start sharing and allowing to be seen and shine in all our colors.

Sharing our creations with the world opens us up to creating even more and sharing even more, allowing us to receive abundantly in return.

About Star Maps

Star Maps act as an inter-dimensional portal between you as Creator and your human physical reality.

They act as reminders to re-connect you with Your Highest Dimensional Aspects of you that already remember how to do this journey you programmed here for you.

Called “Galactic Chambers”, these portals take you deep inside of yourself to deal with cellular imprints and old remains of residual fear coating your cells, not allowing your Plasma Crystalline Body Suit of Light Data Technologies to activate through the Cosmic Gateway that is your Beautiful Heart and your bio-electrical Body Suit to be freed from the constraints of shape and time for further re-integration. Constantly reshaping according to your human beliefs, these Star Maps bend and breathe, shapeshifting for you into whatever it is you need to see in that moment as an activation of any of your Soul-Galactic Higher Selves.

It is through Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Geometrics that these codes are delivered, straight to the highest aspects of you present in the moment of activation, for it is just a sprinkle in time as we live from zero-point field in every moment and it is just based on your beliefs that matter re-forms and re-shapes itself as whatever you need to show up in your physical reality to act as a bridge between your human aspect of you and your infinity of Highest-Selves.

Sometimes it is the actual Star Map in your physical reality that you can hold and touch, other times it is your desire to constantly look at the activation pictures, other times it is just going inside and seeing it again through your 3rd eye and quantum access, while other times it is just the memory of the first activation point that is enough to flood your consciousness with the light data codes present in the activation. However you choose to do your journey here is totally fine. Your choice and we respect that.

If however, you feel you’d like to connect with a Star Gate Map especially, it is through your own Soul’s choice which one and you consciously choose to further activate Your Highest Aspects of you, dedicating time for the re-structuring process to occur on a deep Soul Level and Molecular, sub-atomic Level for your Higher-Universal Aspects of you to fully merge. This process is a very physical process, occuring on a deep Sacred Level, allowing a more in-depth connection with your physical body vessel, so we ask that you take the time to allow yourself to rest, to take it easy, to flow with whatever presents as an activation sequence in the form of thoughts that are ready to leave your physical body vessel, human emotions that no longer apply to your Higher Universal Self here, memories that no longer serve any higher purpose, things that feed old mentalities of lack and need, other souls that you’re ready to end karmic timelines with and any other type of physical matter that kept you bound to a 3rd Dimensional Space of Consciousness. This is the purpose… so that you can let things go easier and in flow with your Universal Consciousness & Quantum Access here.

Working with Star Maps & other Navigational Tools

Working with a Star Map to accelerate and support your Ascension & Remembering journey here is just one way, yet there are a multitude of ways to do it. This is just one of the multi-dimensional tools we have access to here, the others you can choose based on what inspires you in the moment. It can be crystals, it can be a flower, it can be colors, sleep, interacting with others, being part of a community or simply just being on your own, in nature or wherever you feel most connected with your own Higher Self.

Star Maps can be worked with individually, with several at the same time, depending on what speaks to you in the moment, or with specific sets of codes from specific Star Maps, whatever activates, inspires or supports you in shifting in that moment… and it’s all your choice. <3

We provide several activation tools on this website ranging from crystal support of your LightBody, inspiration through color and beauty so you you can remember the Purity of your own Soul and other tools, including testimonials from other Souls who have worked with the Light Codes brought through by Mihaela, physical support with printed sets of lightcodes from Star Maps and Original Template Light Codes.

At the moment we do not offer crystals or andaras for sale. Thank you for your understanding <3

Liquid Lemurian Auroras Star Map – Creation Process

Sharing with you some of the various stages and parts of the full original Liquid Lemurian Auroras Star Map so that you can activate even more and connect your Soul-Star Aspects inside even more.

Enjoy <3

Connecting with Mihaela

First of all, thank you for being here… It really is an honor and a priviledge to share this journey here in the physical with you as Soul-Star-Family.

Feeling called to connect with Mihaela through a personal session for further expansion that will support you in connecting with your own Higher-Universal Self and remembering your connection to your inner Star Maps and Universal Corridors in your own physical body vessel?

These sessions are for decoding your own matrix programming and coming further online with Our Galactic New Earth here.