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Lola's Work

Light Language Codes

For me, light language is a fun, creative way of expression my body remembered through all the inner work I have done, letting go of programing and expanding my consciousness.

Andara Love Activations

Sharing the inspiration, color, joy and beauty andaras and crystals have brought to my ascension journey and life.

Rainbow Activations
Blue Baby Dragon Activation
Blue and Solaris Activation

Lola’s Written Shared Work

Sharing my own experiences, realisations and channelings, some in English, some in Romanian.

coming soon…

  • Gaia Consciousness
  • The Dragon Realms and consciousness
  • The Fairy Realms and consciousness
  • The Angelic Realms and consciousness
  • Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon
  • Rainbow frequencies and consciousness
  • Celestial channelings
  • … and more

Romanian Translations

Lola’s ascension journey was catapulted into consciousness by connecting with Lisa Transcendence Brown’s light encoded work.

Inspired by Lisa’s immense generosity and dedication to sharing her light knowledge, wisdom and love with humanity, Lola decided to give something back for the priceless guidance and information she received, so now she brings her own (however small) contribution to support Lisa and the work she does in service to uplifting and raising humanity’s vibration.

Her mission in translating Lisa’s activations and articles is so that Romanian speakers could activate their own higher self, their higher understandings, their hearts and be catapulted on their ascension journey in their own language.

Lola translates as much as her time and energy allows her, following her higher self’s guidance and working around her other jobs, projects and commitments. The translations are a gift from her heart to yours, the one who reads them.

If you want to support her, you can share her translations so that others can read them and open their hearts and their minds.

Thank you <3