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Welcome to Mihaela’s In-sights shared with the beautiful You

806, 2019

The Fall from Grace – Galactic Rememberings

The pain of not remembering who we are and what we came here for, the pain of walking around blind, deaf, powerless and a constant victim to everything is what’s slowly killing you. That pain [...]

2305, 2019

The anatomy of color

The anatomy of color The anatomy of color is not what we, as humans, believe, when we connect to the vibration and message of the frequency of "anatomy" and then "color". We think of body [...]

Contributions to New Earth

Crystalline Gridkeepers Magical Inspiration Activation Creations

This project is a gift for you… It is a 2-part video group contribution, one being a discussion that includes our experiences with crystals, rocks, andaras, meteorites and more and the other video is a beautiful presentation of all our creations that we shared with everyone. There are also additional gifts for you under each contributor’s name on the original website where the event was hosted – AwakeningToRemembering – the link is below. Go search and have fun discovering “the little Easter Eggs” we left there for you to find <3

We hope it will inspire you to create your own crystal activations, all while letting go of old linear “how-to”s when it comes to working with crystals and enjoying and playing and shifting your perceptions and your mindsets <3

We had a blast doing this together.

We hope you do too.

Happy activations <3

Link to the original page – Awakening to Remembering
Sharings about working with crystals, andaras and remembering light language.

On-going Expansion for You

  • Reconnecting to your Expanded Perception of Reality out of the 3rd Dimension of Consciousness and into the 5th Dimension of Consciousness – Personal Sessions (coming soon)

These sessions take you deep inside, so we can swiftly pinpoint the location of Old Earth programming where it was housed in your physical body vessel so you can shift into release-mode with greater ease and simplicity, after being able to see how the structural mainframe that kept the programming in place is taken apart, dismantled and replaced with the New Crystalline Grid inside of you, allowing you to Shine in all of your Colors. <3

  • Exploring and Experiencing Your Inner Star Maps and Deepening Your connection with your Higher Self (coming soon)

Star Maps contain many elements and they reveal themselves to you as you shift your perception about what they are representative of to you and only you. The role of these Star Maps, YOUR inner Star Maps is to create the mainframe and platform for an experience through your holographic viewer. They release access codes into your field, activating dormant DNA to fully release old programming and activate new programming that is higher aligned on a Soul Level with Our New Earth here.

Experiencing Star Maps takes place non-linearly and from the inception and connection and anchor point, you are called to work together, with Mihaela as your Guide, taking you deeper into the layers of your Being so you can Experience the Rainbow Realms too.

This is a New Earth Experience that takes you to the Core of Your Being, for further reconnection and remembering of you AS your Highest Self in every moment.

Linearly, you can feel you’re working with a specific Star Map for a moment, minutes, nights, months or years, depending on your perception of the separation of time and your connection to that specific space of consciousness. We use the term “specific” loosely in the sense that each’s perception of a space of consciousness is unique, the codes themselves being multi-dimensional… so while the space may feel Lemurian of origin to some souls, to others it could feel Pleiadian or Andromedan or there could be no “name” or label attached to it and that is perfectly fine… for the name does not matter, only the re-establishment of the connection does.

Your connection to Star Maps is yours and yours only… so enjoy playing and having fun through your heart, as this is the way to experience New Earth here… wherever you are physically located.

Welcome to the Land of “Liquid Lemurian Auroras” as this Star Map that you have just seen and connected with has called itself. <3

  • Shifting to Rainbow Consciousness with “The Anatomy of Color” – Activation Sessions (coming soon)

This space that we call “Rainbow Consciousness” is not one of words, but one of feeling and colors and geometrics, an overflow of tones and overtones that are understood on a deep Soul Level and decoded in the same way. We are all Beings of the Rainbow Realms, we just have to remember our own Inner Connection to our Inner Rainbows and what we hid “there” as gifts for us to find again, as we never came here to only “have” and master only one gift… or do one thing, as our human aspect of us would like to believe. We have a rainbow of gifts and an infinity of possibilities, just as we are Rainbow Beings ourselves. We just have to dedicate time and energy in whatever form that is to find and re-claim all aspects of self that we fractaled off into and be one Whole Being again, which changes along the way as we go higher and higher in frequency, as more and more aspects of us come through and activate for our integration and embodiment here.

The purpose of “The Anatomy of Color” is to do precisely that, uncover through delivering tones and frequencies… that which was hidden behind all of the human programming we believed about ourselves. These codes go on a deep molecular level, attaching to the programming and delivering a dismantling activation sequence of the old. Shifting is easy to do with these codes for they do most of the work, we just have to be willing and open to connect and allow our Higher Selves to take over for the ride, allowing us to Remember our deepest us, our pure us again.

Working with these codes is a Soul Choice that takes total participation and complete surrendering. There is to be no victimhood here. It is not allowed for the purity of these codes is what it is. Full complete surrender and allowing of the deconstruction and re-construction process to occur is necessary. All those souls who feel drawn to work with these codes are nonetheless welcome for these codes are open to anyone who wishes to connect.

Welcome to the Rainbow Realms of Gaia. <3

Services available at the moment

Remember YOUR Rainbow Light Being Inside

Rainbow Consciousness is a space dedicated to inspiring you to live from your Highest Space of Consciousness all while supporting you in shifting from your old you to your multitude of New Highest Aspects of You to further embrace the multi-dimensionality of our chosen Human Experience here