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Rainbow Light Codes


Welcome to the Rainbow Realms of who you are.

These codes activate the Rainbow Light Being inside of you, showing you how you can shine too.

By absorbing them with your whole being, you start working with them and you start to remember the truth of who you are.

These codes act just as examples of the work Mihaela brings forth. If you’d like to have your own set of customized codes of your own energy signature, get in touch with us at lolayoung118@gmail.com.

Thank you for your presence and dedication to your own journey as light here.

We are honored to share the same path as you. <3



What does a set of Rainbow lightcodes contain?

  • 1 picture of the full activation code sequence of your energy signature

  • 3-5 pictures of sections of the code to activate and integrate with greater ease

How are these codes delivered to you?

These codes are delivered via email.

Contact us for more details.