LightBody Energetics

These sessions assist you with further activating your Lightbody and understanding how we as energy work through our physical body vessel to reveal and integrate more of the light of who we are as souls and galactic lightbeings here in the physical.

It is through booking a session that you understand we are all Sovereign Beings here and these sessions are to assist you in shifting out of any old perceptions about your physical body vessel and how our LightBodies work and how to bring in more support to our constant upgrading process.

1 session (90 min) – 155$

The sessions are on Zoom.

Rainbow LightCodes Activation

*** the rainbow codes in the picture are just an example – YOUR rainbow codes are personal and designed specifically to support your journey as a light being here ***

These absolutely stunning rainbow light codes continue to amaze us as they come forth for integration. A joy to draw them, they bring forth activations about and for our lightbodies to activate and work with more ease and grace. The beauty of photonic light has never been appreciated by our human aspect, “discarding” it and light codes in general as simple drawings, yet they are not, for this is the light of our soul. Through her inner connection as pure source light, Mihaela draws them by hand and would love to share these activations with you. If you feel called to see the beauty that you are too and resonate with Mihaela’s work, contact us so you too can have your day brightened by rainbow light activations.

These codes can be delivered to your inbox as digital files that we put together with great care and love. The way we’ve felt that these codes want to be shared is one picture of the whole template and additional pictures of sections of the code that are themselves sets inside of sets and provide additional activations for you to enjoy and illuminate your every moment here.

Another way you can receive these codes is both as a digital file with several pictures of sections of the whole code, as well as shipped to your physical location if you so choose to activate.

one set – digital files delivered via email – 33$

one set Рdigital files and shipment of original  Р66$

* one set consists of three activation codes on A4 page ( white or a different color chosen in the moment ) + additional pictures of sections (usually between 3-5 for every activation)

Flowing into your journey with Light Language & personal expression

Allowing light language and the light of your soul to flow through a wide variety of possibilities stirs up a lot of emotions inside that we had no idea existed. These activations are, on the other hand, that which propels us into “outer space”, allowing us to quantum jump into the land of all possibilities and embrace joy. We call these the Rainbow Realms and these sessions of expansion into allowing more flow through your artistic creation and expression offer a wide range of tools to guide you into stepping into the pure joy of creation from a space of purity inside, that we all are. Welcome <3

1 session – 88$ (90 min)

3 session package – 222$

Sessions on Zoom.