The anatomy of color

//The anatomy of color

The anatomy of color

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The anatomy of color

The anatomy of color is not what we, as humans, believe, when we connect to the vibration and message of the frequency of “anatomy” and then “color”.

We think of body parts and we are somehow disappointed and shocked and surprised to discover nothing that makes sense to our human mind, yet everything that makes sense to us on a soul level, resonating as true from deep inside.

Yet, from a higher realm view and from the perspective of higher mind and higher heart consciousness, color is the universal language of the human code and genome – DNA.

Because our human eyes were veiled and couldn’t really see and our physical body vessels were suffocated and closed off because of our choice to keep them in a deep amnesiac, unconscious state, depriving our beautiful, magnificent and brilliant bodies – our electro-magnetic bio-suits of their own light by choosing not to support them with natural sunlight, with natural, clean, fresh food, with color in its many forms, with natural fragrances that support, empower and envision our highest aligned realities here from a deep molecular level, by choosing not to listen to the most beautiful music of the spheres from deep inside of ourselves and other things that we feel support and upflift and bring more clarity on what we came here to be and do as beings of higher consciousness light.

Yet now, no more… for we’ve remembered that to feed our physical body vessel with light in any form of the highest vibration possible is to feed light to all of humanity here, keeping our gridpoint at its finest, highest capacity and vibration here at all times, refusing to allow the old back into our field again.

The old mentalities of lack and not enough and disrespect for our beloved Gaia here and our own highest aspects as light here and the light knowledge and technologies we’ve come to embody here as the lightkeepers that we are, deep inside.

The sharing of our own light is what keeps us awake, inspired and bountifully abundant in any way, shape or form, for the anatomy of color is a re-coding sequence of all that we are here to be and do, to inspire, uplift and support all of us working in service to humanity here.

Our most beautiful and abundant Gaia shines from deep inside of ourselves, as we reconnect deep inside and remember our celestial/star DNA here and work with dedication and diligence here to activate and hold open more and more of the Stargates we’ve come here and agreed to keep open for all others to pass through out of a human-ego-aligned reality that is fixed and into a soul-star Galatic civilisation here of all of us, self-Governing bodies of light, dedicated to our own light embodiment here, based on mutual agreements of light that do not contain anything of the old.

No more lack, no more fear, no more existence of unconsciousness. All respect, love, dedication and inspiration for higher service here.

Welcome to the Rainbow Realms of Mu, the land and vibration in higher frequency bandwidth of our Multi-dimensional NEW Earth here where all possibilities, all timelines and all alternate realities exist in this moment now and are available to us all for us to choose a higher consciousness existence here.

Thank you for your dedication to higher service and for being here with all of us.


New Earth Guardian & Elder of our Galactic NEW Earth here