The Fall from Grace – Galactic Rememberings

//The Fall from Grace – Galactic Rememberings

The Fall from Grace – Galactic Rememberings

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The pain of not remembering who we are and what we came here for, the pain of walking around blind, deaf, powerless and a constant victim to everything is what’s slowly killing you.

That pain is slowly closing off our body’s systems and organs.

That pain runs so deep it sabotages and undermines the body’s natural regeneration systems, inflicting the same powerlessness to them, too.

That pain, our separation from knowing who we are and why we came here, is imprinted in every cell of your body.

The pain we felt when we fell from grace, when we fell from consciousness, when we fell from Heaven, when we forgot absolutely everything about ourselves, everything that we were, everything we are.

The pain of losing everything,

The pain of having the gates to the Garden of Heaven closed in our faces,

The pain of being locked out,

The pain of not being able to access home ever again,

And the pain of being locked out of everything that was home and family and everything we knew,

That pain becomes our human existence and experience here.

We become the vessel to all that devastating pain of the world ending right in front of our eyes and us being unable to do anything about it.

We become that victim, a role to play out in loop cycles over and over again,

Until we’re done, that energy is finally consummated and we’re able to access home again, heaven again, the planets, the stars, the galaxies and the omniverses we used to travel through as galactic citizens.

And when we’re done working through all of that pain and we’re finally free, there’s still work to do, remembering everything about the multiverse that we are inside, as part of our galactic heritage and rights as free sovereign citizens and beings not bound by physical matter

Frequency waves travelers, galactic holders of the keys to unlock the hidden knowledge that we suppress and forget with every incarnation we chose to have in different spaces of consciousness, bound by physical form or not.

As Galactic guides and guardians to the doors of heaven, as it is our responsibility to watch over and make sure everything runs smoothly according to universal laws

And it is also our responsibility to play out duality for every decision we make if case may be

And we do.

We take responsibility and we fractal off across multiple dimensions, taking physical form based on cosmic laws and contracts, everything our creation to the last molecule.

And then, there are our other roles we go on other plants to play out as part of our karmic contracts, there are missions we wake up to having to fulfill and there are versions of us contracted down that have to be activated in order to be there as the light source, emitting over and over again for our soul family and our star family incarnated here with us.

We become the command center, the galactic ship and the ship commander in charge of holding our station, in charge of keeping the systems and the engines running while we take the time to regenerate in our light pods, sometimes not needing to do anything but keep our role, to just be here, active,

So that others recognize the codes of the ship and realize it’s familiar, that it’s from home.

And all so we can realize our missions of being the ground crew here at all times, while travelling through space as well, in and out of dimensions and calling everyone home.

The constant longing to go home and to leave this place stops or at least diminishes when we realize we are the ground crew, we are home, both for ourselves now that we’ve remembered the ships, now that we’ve remembered we are the ships, now that we’ve finally realized and woken up to our roles and missions to keep our ship cared for and functioning to optimal parameters, repairing the damage that prevented it to fly,

Now that we’ve remembered all of that, our roles shift and change, the focus both inward to make sure everything is constantly upgraded and maintained as necessary and outward to act as the ones who don’t forget again and show others, our family here – brothers and sisters of the stars – the way back to their own ship, their Earthship, so they can stop insisting they’re victims and see their ships for the absolute mechanisms of perfection that they are, the regenerating miracles, the Christ reborn and wake up to their own roles of guiding others out of the blindness, the deafness and the powerlessness.

Until there is no more pain.

Until there is no more separation.

Until there is only blinding light, symphonies of the cosmos and vibrating power in every molecule.


With love,